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June 15 2017




Hey Tumblr I am doing really not so good lately money wise and my family and I need your help.
I need gas money or we can’t make it to work. I’m the only one with a vehicle and license.
We also need some food and toilet paper.
I also need help to get my vans brakes replaced because its metal on metal and a fatality waiting to happen. And also my exhaust needs fixed and my vans side window needs replaced because its just a shower curtain right now.
I know a lot of y'all helped me with rent and bills in the past and for that I could never thank you enough.
But we’re beyond tight right now.
My hours got cut. My roommate still hasn’t found employment. My gf only makes about $9 a day of tips at a little sandwich shop. And we have a 15 yo staying with us all summer. And we’re all living on mac n cheese and ramen and hotdogs. Its all we have.
Please help us if you can.
Or let me know what I can do in exchange for some money.
Or pass this along to some friendly people.
Thank you I love you all

that has my whole predicament

Any help is appreciated thanks so much everyone
My brake job is gonna be about $100 and I have $40 so far




It’s kind of tricky when you’re a over-thinker and you are aware of it. At this point I’m so unsure about the conclusions I come up with. I mean, is it true? Or did I make it up because I have been overthinking too much? Am I right or has my overthinking fooled me?

I just realized I hit the next level; I’m overthinking about overthinking

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New comic! (link)

I hope you all like your official animals. I know there isn’t one for everyone. Please feel free to nominate your own.

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Massaging the toebeans 

Cat GIF Central. In case you were looking for a Tumblr of cat GIFs.

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Cat Is Interviewed about Life with the Other Cat

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I just laughed so loudly I startled myself.

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Rainbow, Cobalt and Angel Aura Quartz 😊✨



make shorter posts im too lazy to read

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people when explain how the NSA and FBI would never violate the Constitution.

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how do u address the meme king 

u madjesty

how dare you make me read this with my own two eyes


Skinny is not cruise control for pretty.

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Love & Relationships by TUNA Dunn.


The only personality test the internet needs



  • Hogwarts house
  • favoured RPG class
  • would you fuck a clone of yourself

If you don’t want everyone knowing who you are, just send me an ask on anon with your results. I’m curious as to if there’s a correlation between these, because I am a nerd.


I’m so not used to people texting me
I get a tiny panic attack every time it bings.
I dont have friends lol
But I managed to make a few friends at work and they text me sometimes.
But every time I’m like
[cold sweat]
..WHaT’D i dO WRoNG nOW ?..
and then it’s just them all like
>>Heyy let’s hang out soon ^_^

Idk how to human.

June 14 2017




pour one out for all the people who’s messages went unanswered because i told myself i’d answer them later but when later came around i decided it was Too Late

I made a chart

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Well considering gender has literally nothing to do with biology I doubt that would happen.

Gender has everything to do with biology. We wouldn’t have a binary without it. They’re inseparable.

Surprise: There is no binary. The binary is an oversimplification that is largely contextualized within Western culture. 

We wouldn’t be here right now if there wasn’t a gender binary. Complex lifeforms need one to perpetuate themselves.

Also incorrect. Sex is a spectrum. You’ll find that reality is rarely as simple as pure and uncompromising binaries. 

Sex isn’t chromosomes: the story of a century of misconceptions about X & YThe influence of the XX/XY model of chromosomal sex has been profound over the last century, but it’s founded on faulty premises and responsible for encouraging reductive, essentialist thinking. While the scientific world has moved on, its popular appeal remains.

Have you considered that those scientists might be bias and pushing an agenda. Gender is a biological absolute.

Gender is highly contextualized by time and place. Like, if you want to talk about scientists being biased and pushing an agenda, look at modern western science for pushing a flawed binary narrative.

Non-binary genders are not a modern invention. The idea of third genders/non-binary genders is as old as human civilization, because gender is socially constructed and subjective, and people’s ideas about gender have changed over time and between cultures.

  • In Mesopotamian mythology, among the earliest written records of humanity, there are references to types of people who are not men and not women. In a Sumerian creation myth found on a stone tablet from the second millennium BC, the goddess Ninmah fashions a being “with no male organ and no female organ”, for whom Enki finds a position in society: “to stand before the king”.
  • In Babylonia, Sumer and Assyria, certain types of individuals who performed religious duties in the service of Inanna/Ishtar have been described as a third gender.
  • Inscribed pottery shards from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2000–1800 BCE), found near ancient Thebes (now Luxor, Egypt), list three human genders: tai (male), sḫt (“sekhet”) and hmt (female).
  • The Vedas (c. 1500 BC–500 BC) describe individuals as belonging to one of three categories, according to one’s nature or prakrti. These are also spelled out in the Kama Sutra (c. 4th century AD) and elsewhere as pums-prakrti (male-nature), stri-prakrti (female-nature), and tritiya-prakrti (third-nature).
  • Many have interpreted the “eunuchs” of the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean world as a third gender that inhabited a liminal space between women and men, understood in their societies as somehow neither or both. In the Historia Augusta, the eunuch body is described as a tertium genus hominum (a third human gender),
  • The ancient Maya civilization may have recognised a third gender, according to historian Matthew Looper. Looper notes the androgynous Maize Deity and masculine Moon goddess of Maya mythology, and iconography and inscriptions where rulers embody or impersonate these deities. He suggests that the third gender could also include two-spirit individuals with special roles such as healers or diviners
  • Anthropologist Rosemary Joyce agrees, writing that “gender was a fluid potential, not a fixed category, before the Spaniards came to Mesoamerica. Childhood training and ritual shaped, but did not set, adult gender, which could encompass third genders and alternative sexualities as well as “male” and “female.” At the height of the Classic period, Maya rulers presented themselves as embodying the entire range of gender possibilities, from male through female, by wearing blended costumes and playing male and female roles in state ceremonies.“
  • Andean Studies scholar Michael Horswell writes that third-gendered ritual attendants to chuqui chinchay, a jaguar deity in Incan mythology, were “vital actors in Andean ceremonies” prior to Spanish colonisation.
  • Two-spirit individuals are viewed in some Native American cultures as having two identities occupying one body. Their dress is usually a mixture of traditionally male and traditionally female articles, or they may dress as a man one day, and a woman on another.
  • In Pakistan, the hijras are officially recognized as third gender by the government,

[Source] [source] [source] [Source] [Source] [source] [source][source]

[Read More] [Read more] [Read more]

it’s amazing how quickly “science says there are only two genders” becomes “have you considered that science is fake and is pushing an agenda?”

I’m a biologist and I can assure you the 2 gender binary doesn’t exist. All around we see animals that don’t fall into either categories. Gender is a spectrum is the realest line there is when it comes to biology and gender.

Cis people: Science says the truth.

Science: *Says they’re wrong*

Cis people: Actually, you know what, science is bad and is lying.

Before you waste your time being an ass hat, consider this:
You’ve been lied to since birth.
Because “boys have a penis so they stand to pee, and girls have a vagina so they sit to pee” is easier to explain to potty training toddlers and parents are too lazy, or ill informed themselves, to follow it up with more information when the child is old enough to grasp more information.



when ppl make really good art for a fandom you’re not in

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This Is Not My Cat

Via Pleated-Jeans.com

Funfact, stray cats who were previously house cats (often abandoned in strange areas away from their homes) will sometimes go into whatever house they can find, because they know they belong in a house.

That’s not a fun fact. That’s a very sad fact.


is no one going to mention the opossum? 

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